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Our Approach

Conflict Interventions

Our unique approach to conflict management and transformation means that we work on "live" conflicts taking place within communities and between communities and other stakeholders, as identified by the communties and stakeholders themselves. Depending on the type and scope of conflict, we conduct interventions which see us partnering and working with communities and stakeholders at all levels, from the grassroots up to local and national levels. We use a holistic approach which includes aspects of dialogue, mediation and negotiation. As a learning organisation, we aim to ensure that all aspects of our work are informed by research and careful monitoring and documentation of stages and indicators of conflict.

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Research & Advocacy

Transformation and sustainable resolution of structural conflicts often requires not only changes in behaviour and attitudes, but even reforms of policies and institutional processes. Advocacy has become an integral element of our work and we support communities and stakeholders in collaboratively and consultatively promoting, developing, implementing and monitoring conflict-sensitive approaches in decision-making and at institutional level.

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