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Our Story


We work to transform the ways in which societies deal with conflict - away from adversarial approaches and towards collaborative problem solving. Using a multi-faceted approach, we partner with local government, civil society and communities to find culturally appropriate means to strengthen societies' capacity to deal with conflicts constructively. The nature and scope of our work has evolved over the years as we continue to learn, grow and develop as an organisation.


Formed in 2002 as the Coalition on Conflict Management Trust, the organisation transformed into the Centre for Conflict Management and Transformation (CCMT) in 2003. In the beginning, CCMT mainly worked in the suburbs of Harare building the capacities of community associations and community members in dealing with everyday conflicts. Today, the associations operate independently of CCMT whilst maintaining close linkages and sharing of expertise and experiences.

Since 2009, CCMT expanded its work to the Midlands Province and gradually shifted towards a more request-based programming approach based on designing and implementing tailor-made conflict interventions in response to specific cases brought up by local communities, stakeholders and institutions. Around the same time, CCMT became the secretariat for the Peace Building Network of Zimbabwe (PBNZ) and developed into a well established service provider offering training, research and facilitation services to other organisations and institutions.

Since 2016, CCMT has strengthened its strategic focus on research and advocacy to adequately respond to structural conflicts, especially in the context of natural resource and service delivery conflicts. As a result of this, some of CCMT's conflict interventions and dialogue processes expanded to the provincial or even national level. Another focus area has been to promote the active participation of women and youth in decision-making processes and conflict management at various levels.

Over the years CCMT has built up significant expertise in the areas of conflict management, peace-building and organisational development in both public and private sectors. CCMT has partnered with many local, national, regional and international organisations and institutions to deliver on its mandate. Major programmes and projects were funded and supported by valued partners such as Weltfriedensdienst e.V., Bread for the World, Christian Aid, PACT, Search for Common Ground, amongst others.

Our Vision

A just society enjoying sustainable peace.


Our Mission

To promote the management and transformation of conflicts into opportunities for positive development.

Our Values

Commitment, Respect, Accountability, Teamwork, Openness.


  • To promote the transformation of social conflicts in Zimbabwe into opportunities for positive change

  • To intervene in social conflicts in the home, the workplace and the community and help the parties involved to transform them into opportunities for renewal and growth

  • To research, package and disseminate information on traditional and non-traditional ways of transforming social conflicts for growth and development

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