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Our programmes and projects currently focus on three key strategic areas:


Fair Natural Resource Management & Service Delivery

We support communities in demanding fair, transparent and accountable natural resource management and service delivery and intervene in conflicts between communities, local authorities, government and private sector stakeholders about land rights, social and environmental impact of mining and development-induced displacements.

Key issues:

  • Transparent land management, access to social facilities and public services, and regularization of informal settlements

  • Protection of individual and communal land rights and free prior informed consent and fair compensation of communities affected by development-induced displacements

  • Protection and rehabilitation of the environment and sustainable and participatory management of natural resources

  • Communities actively participate in the planning and implementation of development projects and benefit from natural resource exploitation in their areas


  • Facilitating sustained dialogue and negotiations through conflict interventions

  • Supporting community-based advocacy and conducting evidence-based advocacy

  • Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues, policy development and monitoring of policy implementation at district, provincial and national levels

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Participation of Women & Youth in Decision-Making

We support and promote active participation of women and youth in decision-making processes, conflict management, community development and trauma healing.


Key issues:

  • Unemployment and lack of access to economic opportunities, service delivery and natural resources

  • Vulnerability of women and youth to violence and traumatization

  • Self-help initiatives and active participation and leadership of women and youth in community and development projects

  • Representation of the voices of women and youth at decision-making platforms



  • Supporting youth and women leadership and active participation in community initiatives, dialogue platforms and mentoring programmes

  • Facilitating sustained dialogue between youth, women and decision-makers

  • Promoting an active role of women and youth in conflict management and trauma healing


Improved Livelihoods through Conflict Transformation

We support conflict management as a tool to improve livelihoods and access to natural resources and public services with a specific focus on irrigation schemes.


Key issues:

  • Fair access of all community members and particularly vulnerable groups to public services livelihoods support programmes

  • Transparent management and accountable leadership in livelihood projects and irrigation schemes

  • Conflict resolution mechanisms, collaborative problem-solving and marketing cooperation



  • Facilitating sustained dialogue through conflict interventions

  • Establishing and capacitating conflict resolution mechanisms

  • Supporting systems for transparent management and collaborative planning and implementation of livelihood projects

  • Linking community projects to public and private service providers and marketing platforms

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